Ida Kreutzer (pron.: /i:dʌ kʀɔʏtsɐ/, ee-da kroy-tsa), born and raised in Austria, is a Brooklyn based photographer and designer. Ida has her roots in film photography and shoots digitally as well.
Her main focus is on portraits. She has been cultivating a portrait series titled Women since 2004.
Through this extensive project, she aims to portray her female subjects as the diverse, layered and magnificent individuals that they are. Ida mostly works on location and strives to constantly find new and interesting ways of incorporating the city’s many textures into the identity of her photographs. In addition to her portrait work, she regularly photographs fashion editorials for the Park Slope store Kiwi.

Beyond the lens, Ida has expanded her creative abilities into the world of design. With a background in architecture, having worked as a draftsperson, she later went on to study metalwork and jewelry making at Montclair State University. Upon her return to Austria she decided to go into business for herself and established her own line of handbags and accessories, which she all makes herself from ethically sourced materials. For her designs, Ida values longevity and function, as well as a timeless minimalist aesthetic, which has become her signature. Ida has collaborated with Austrian clothing designer Johanna Hauck for a limited edition line of handmade handbags, which were presented as part of the Grazer Designmonat (Graz Month of Design). Her readiness to venture beyond bags for custom orders led to a regular DIY segment on Austrian national TV, where she demonstrated a wide range of skills.
Over the course of a year, she would teach her viewers everything from making their own furniture to practical housekeeping hacks in easy to follow steps on TV and on her DIY blog.

Her love of hip-hop music and culture has inspired her to design custom made slipmats. An Austrian DJ and producer who requested a pair and encouraged her to include them in her line-up. Ida is a strong believer in the power of support between artists across various fields. For that reason, she has created the initiative of bringing artists together and fueling creative production by choosing a fellow artist whom she admires, and gifting them a handmade product. Some previous artists who have received Ida’s creations as part of this initiative, which she calls “The Artist Project”, are Austrian DJ Dizzy Womack, Austrian actress and performer Pauline Jaklitsch, and American painter Lydia Larson.

She is currently working on a project featuring portraits on film and interviews with female artists in New York City. It will be released as a book in late 2019. Her current artist showcase titled “Saltwater” is currently on display at baba cool in Brooklyn.


Past / Current:

Women (solo) - Gleisdorf, Austria (2011)
Women (group) - Schloss Hainfeld, Austria (2011)
NYC (solo) - Brooklyn, NY (2017)
Disrupt (group) Artists & Fleas, NY (2017)
Super Heroines (solo) - Brooklyn, NY (2018)
mindframe (solo) - Brooklyn, NY (2018)
Saltwater (solo) - Brooklyn, NY (2019)


Lady Liberty (solo) - Brooklyn, NY (2019)

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