Photograph by Michelle Carroll

Photograph by Michelle Carroll

Ida Kreutzer (pron.: /i:dʌ kʀɔʏtsɐ/, ee-da kroy-tsa), born and raised in Austria, is a Brooklyn based natural light photographer, specializing in portraiture and editorial photography. Working both with film and digital gear and also developing her own negatives is tied into her work flow and part of the way she creates. She has been working on a portrait series titled Women since 2004. In addition to her portrait work, she regularly photographs fashion editorials for the Park Slope store Kiwi.

She is currently working on a project featuring portraits on film and interviews with female artists in New York City. It will be released as a book in 2020. The group show “Intrinsic”, in which she has four photographs, is currently on display at the Art Café & Bar in Prospect Heights.


Past / Current:

Intrinsic (group) - Brooklyn, NY (2019)
A Story From Land And Sea (group) - Brooklyn, NY (2019)
Saltwater (solo) - Brooklyn, NY (2019)
mindframe (solo) - Brooklyn, NY (2018)
Super Heroines (solo) - Brooklyn, NY (2018)
Super Heroines (solo) - Brooklyn, NY (2018)
Disrupt (group) Artists & Fleas, NY (2017)
NYC (solo) - Brooklyn, NY (2017)
Women (group) - Schloss Hainfeld, Austria (2011)
Women (solo) - Gleisdorf, Austria (2011)


Lady Liberty (solo) - Brooklyn, NY (2020)

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