Lydia Larson

Ida has a special way of making me feel completely myself when being photographed. I usually get a little nervous around cameras. But with Ida, I feel instead like the session is an intimate act of self care, a visual journal entry, the capturing of a moment. I will book her in the future for any and all milestones.


Stephanie Held

I met Ida serendipitously in Park Slope in 2018. She has a sense of magic about her that drew me in. And her work carries this same sense of mystery, depth, and timelessness. Ida was a joy to work with; she is passionate, and constantly communicates with her subjects in a way that reveals space to be truly seen, supported, and authentically captured by her.


Nhung Le

Ida sees the real you through her camera lens. Her pictures are full of power and emotion. And most importantly, she makes the whole experience so natural and enjoyable, you forget you are being photographed.