Customized Slipmats!

Slipmats have a thickness of 3 mm.

The bottom is black and the top can be customized to your preference.

The name of your label, your DJ name, your favorite pattern or just one color; everything is possible.

Manufacturing takes about two weeks since most of the designs are hand painted. Two slipmats for 50€.

Handmade just for you.

These slipmats have been featured by DJ SohoDutch, Crown Heights RadioBrooklyn Radio, in Megaloh's video to "Sie wissen Bescheid jetzt", at 3:03 and by Dj Crum, aside from many DJs who have been working with them.


Headphone + Accessory Pouch


Leather Sunglass Pouch



Unisex T-Shirt


Canvas Bag


Crown Heights Radio Slipmats