The Artist Project is, in essence, giving a handmade gift of appreciation to other artists. It's about creating a custom piece for other artists as a symbol of admiration and honor of their craft in their respective industry - music, acting, etc.


In 2014, I had been listening to the music of the Austrian music producer and DJ Dizzy Womack.  I listened to his stuff on soundcloud pretty often while working on my bags. Turns out he liked my work as well.  I was inspired by this mutual appreciation that transcended across completely different creative fields, and decided I wanted to make him a custom bag as a sign of  respect for his craft. It was a simple custom-made bag, along the lines of the Hip Hop Embroidery Bags, with a colorful fabric and his name on it. 


A year later, while having coffee with Pauline Maria Jaklitsch, discussing her career and her work as an actress, I was inspired again. She is a smart, talented actress, and good friend. Through our coffee talks I learned a lot about her and her creative process, and I admire her for her dedication, courage and talent. So, I thought "I want to make her a bag, too."  I crossstitched a sentence in French onto it (a language that is very dear to her): Your Art touches People and changes the World. When I gave it to her, she said "Your bags make people happy, Ida!", well, I hope, this bag makes her happy, too.


I have no idea how many custom MADEBYIDA bags I'll give to artists. There is a lot of envy going on in the creative world, but I have never quite understood that. There is enough creativity for everyone, creative energy can multiply into more creative energy, and there room to learn other's creative process to achieve the same or different things. Just looking at the creative people I know reminds me how different our talents are, and if not our talents, how differently we approach them. There is no need for envy, ever. We are supposed to inspire one another.